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Ma Cabane a Reves Le Today Dagplanner Red

Ma Cabane a Reves Le Today Dagplanner Red

Nooit meer papier weggooien.
Afm: 15x 25cm
Verkrijgbaar in meerdere kleuren
Met bijpassende magnetische notitievellen
Past perfect op het school magneetbord van Ma Cabane a Reves
Perfecte combinatie met de Kitpas krijtjes

Adviesverkoopprijs: €15.50




Ma Cabane à rêves diversifies its collections with a new magnetic stationery range
We are proud to present you our new magnetic planners Ma cabane à Rêves :

2 VERSIONS following your needs:
Ma Cabane à Rêves has developped 2 planners, the «TODAY» et the «WEEKLY», proposed in 3 colors and especially designed
to faciltate writing & reading.
Our goal is to offer a sustainable alternative to paper planners whose sheets always end up in the garbage bin.
With their high quality Velleda surface, you can write, erase and write again on our planners at will and for a long time!
Our planners are printed on a flexible magnetic sheet and may be plugged on any metal surfaces at home or at office.
The WEEKLY planner is also designed to fit our Magnetic School board 30x40cm.
In addition to the planners, we propose a range of colourful magnetic notes «La Petite Note Aimantée».
The idea? Assign one color per person, and make the reading even easier!
MADE IN FRANCE with care


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