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Ma Cabane a Reves Magneetset Educational Set

Ma Cabane a Reves Magneetset Educational Set

Advies verkoopprijs €26-38,-

Een set van 52-93 magneten gemaakt in Frankrijk. Waterproof, 100% recyclebaar.

Geschikt voor 3+

Verkrijgbaar in verschillende designs
Geproduceerd in Frankrijk




Our magnets are:
Interchangeable. Create infinite combinations to tell thousands of stories;
Flexible. For a better grip of the magnets;
Colorful and graphic. Awaken the creative sense of your child;
Produced with care. Delicately and accurately cut, ensuring all magnet angles are well rounded for safety;
Resistant. A soft, smooth surface to protect from scratches and fingerprints;
Waterproof. Play in the bath and even draw on them with water-erasable crayons;
French touch. Designed and produced in France by local designers;
Green. 100% recycable. Do not throw away the frame! It can be used as a puzzle, a stencil or a cookie cutter! 🙂

LET OP: De Magneten plakken niet goed in combinatie met magnetische stickers/postervellen. Op een magneetbord, verwarming, koelkast of andere stevige metalen ondergrond werken ze supergoed!

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Educational set

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